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Early music prints from Basel presses – exhibition

In the permanent exhibition of the Basel Paper Mill, three early Basel music prints (around 1500) from the collections of the Basel University Library can be seen until the end of April.
The occasion to this exhibition was the concert of the ReRenaissance association on March 28, 2021 with performances from the famous first work “Harmonice Musices Odhecaton A” (1501) by the Venetian music printer Ottaviano Petrucci. Petrucci is considered to be the first to apply the multi-step printing process with movable letters to printing notes. But even in Basel at this time music prints were already being made using this printing technique, as the sources on display show. The following prints are shown:

Graduale Romanum (Wenssler, 1488)
Two-tone type printing with painted initials, hoof nail notation.

Virdung, Musica tutscht (Furter, 1511)
Fragment with a tablature for keyboard instrument, woodcut.

Obrecht, Concentus harmonici (Mewes, 1507) Double type printing, mensural notation. One of the earliest prints made north of the Alps using the Petrucci process.  

Hands-on activities

Making paper, writing with a goose quill, using an old typewriter, typesetting and printing, and creating colored patterns in the marbling workshop – all these activities are included in your visit! Our friendly museum staff will assist you and ensure you have an enjoyable experience. Our workshops are active during the following times:

Tuesday to Friday, and Sunday, 11am – 4:45pm;

Saturday 1pm – 4:45pm

Tuesday to Friday, and Sunday, 11am – 4:45pm;

Saturday 1pm – 4:45pm

Tuesday to Sunday 1pm – 4:45pm

Tuesday to Friday, and Sunday, 12:30pm – 4:30pm;

Saturday 1pm – 4:30pm


Letziplunder – the special flea market

The unique flea market in St. Alban Valley takes place twice a year on Letziplatz.
The story of the likeable “plunder sales" began many years ago. The special atmosphere on the Letziplatz gives the fleakeeper a special touch and ensures a unique experience. Whether sparkling jewelery, oriental plates, second-hand designer clothes or original furniture – the Letziplunder well known 
for its high quality.

The Restaurant Papiermühle provides food and drink with selected delicacies.

The dates for the two flea markets in 2021 are as follows: 

Summer flea market Saturday June 26th
Autumn flea market Saturday September 25th

Exciting encounters are guaranteed!  

You can find more information about the Letziplunder here.

Preview of additional events

Due to the Covid-19 situation, our additional events cannot be held at the moment. We would be happy to keep you up to date on the current development and foreseeable changes, thank you for your understanding and look forward to your visit!