Today, the museum is supported by the private foundation “Basler Papiermuhle” which was set up in 1971. Following a directive of the Grand Council of the Canton of Basel City the Christoph Merian Foundation restored the Gallician-and Stegreif-mills and handed them over to the Basel Paper Mill Foundation for use as a museum. Since 1983 it has been recognized as being able to provide sheltered workplaces to employees who have a disability.

The museum’s major expenses are largely covered by the entrance and guided tour fees, by the rent of the apartments, and the income from the sale of our own products (paper, prints, etc.). However the museum is still well short of being self-financing - by purchasing our products you are supporting us and helping us to safeguard the continued existence of the Basel Paper Mill.

Become a supporter!

The paper mill depends to a high degree on the help of its friends and supporters. Since our budget leaves no room for purchasing items for the Collections, for completing the library or for special events or projects, these needs must be covered by donations from our friends.
It is easy to become a friend of the Basel Paper Mill. Contributions for sponsors are suggested as follows:
Individual: per year CHF 65.- | lifetime CHF 700.-
Couples: per year CHF 95.- | lifetime CHF 950.-
Companies/Institutions: CHF 400.-

A further method to support the museum is through the sponsorship of a particular machine. Your name will be clearly marked on the machine and this will distinguish you before an audience of 30’000 visitors per year as being a supporter of the museum.

Paper mill building and water wheel (photo: Daniel Schvarcz)